Softtech is one of the leading medical Transcription service providers is India. Our company is basically from Trivandrum Kerala, but we provide of this service all across the country just like most of the services that are offered by us. We are committed to providing our medical transcription services to various hospitals, research centers, healthcare firms, insurance companies and MTSO’s.

As a BPO company, software services that we provide to our clients are an appropriate way to the procedure of addition, revision, correction, and addenda. We provide a superior service at a reasonable cost for our client as we carry on to hold the trust of our client from a long time. Our software is established with the procedure and policies, which address:

•  Control over access to the Medical records.
Archiving and retention of medical records.
Security to the records.
Recovery procedure and policies for medical records.
Lastly,but the most important thing Author authentication.

We know the importance of all above features in medical transcription that why we ensure you to have all these essential tings in our BPO services. Healthcare groups and hospitals outsource activities like handling insurance claims and other transactions, records of patients, and medical policies for TPA’s, and the government so that firms don’t have to go through these overheads.

Softtech is the leading Indian firm that provides services of medical transcription, with employees who have a genuine expertise in this field. We are equipped to act as capacity-rich partners with assurance to handle transcription of huge lines, with accuracy and speed. Most of the services, which as a developed health care organization you needed, we provide all of them. Operative notes, medical billing, progress note, Discharge summary, SOAP note, Initial Evaluation and Management, independent medical evaluation and consultation ; all these are kind of medical transcriptions that we offer to our clients.